At Home

The home is the base that our lives revolve around and it is the place we feel safe, secure and comfortable. Good health is related to a healthy home as well as to the kind of environment that people have to live in every day of their lives.

So the articles in this section of the site are focused on this aspect of our lives and looks at how we can improve things that will be mirrored in an improvement in our own way of living. So let's talk about making a big lifestyle change for the better as well as creating a comfortable home for the people that live there.

So what is a healthy home exactly? Well, to put it in simple terms, it is a clean, orderly place that affords shelter and protection while also giving us a place to relax in comfort. A healthy kitchen is the hub of a healthy house so this is the place that most attention needs to be given to cleanliness and tidiness, so let's start there.

A Healthy Place to Make Healthy Meals

If you are health conscious and the simple fact that you're even reading this tells me that you are, then you'll be well aware that keeping your kitchen clean and as free of germs as possible is very important. Work surfaces should be especially clean because this is where food is prepared and the last thing you want is to unwittingly transfer harmful bacteria to the food you are going to eat.

The cupboards, larder and fridge where you store your food should also be kept clean and tidy for the same reasons. The sink where cooking and eating utensils is another place that should be clean, even if you use a dishwasher as you still need some place to rinse off the odd plate or cup etc.

But where else should cleanliness be observed to help maintain healthy bodies of the people that live in the home: the family and most especially young ones?


Where we sleep needs to be kept clean to avoid infestation from insects, cockroaches, bed bugs and anything else in that area that we really do not want in our bed, carpets and rugs or anywhere else for that matter. The biggest attraction for insects and pests is crumbs of food that can be dropped unknowingly from plates when snacks are taken into bedrooms.

The obvious solution is to not eat in bedrooms, but try telling that to kids and teenagers! So if you can't prevent the problem at its source, the next best thing is in keeping the rooms clean by vacuuming often and keeping dust levels as low as possible.

Living Room

The living room is the social gathering place for families even if it just means sitting around watching the TV. Sofas, chairs, carpets and other soft furnishings should be kept clean, vacuumed and dusted. The air we breathe needs to be as clean as we can make it and inside modern homes that are pretty air-tight to keep heating and cooling costs down do not allow for the free flow of air.

That means dust levels build up faster and pollute the air in rooms inside the house at higher levels than a well aired house. Normally this is not too much of a problem, although many allergies related to breathing difficulties are exacerbated by higher dust levels in rooms, so this should be a concern.


The place we like to keep ourselves clean also needs to be kept clean and free from damp, mold and germs. Nothing is more off-putting than a water- and soap-stained shower enclosure that has lots of black mold visible.

Dampness is an unfortunate problem in many bathrooms because of the very nature of the room and the amount of moisture that is present from taking hot showers and baths. Try and keep the room as well aired as possible when not in use to help dry it out and prevent mold forming.

If mold does form, clean it with bleach-based cleaning products and make sure surfaces are kept free of soap stains. A nice hot bath or a shower should be an enjoyable experience so make sure it always is in your home by keeping the bathroom clean!

All in all, these room by room overview paragraphs are just a taster of what is revealed in more detail in the articles published in this section of the site. Check out the titles below and click whichever one grabs your interest!