Wheelchairs and RVs

The idea of enjoying the freedom of the open road in a big RV when you're a wheelchair user may seem a little remote and even dampen the spirits of some, but there are ways and means!

If you haven't heard of them yet, there are some very comfortable and fully functional wheelchair accessible RVs for getting around the problem.

While not directly related to the kinds of things that you would expect to read in a website all about improving health, this is still a lifestyle related thing. Getting around in a wheelchair is not all misery and woe and there are some good times to be had by those that seek them out.

Now RVs are pretty big vehicles, after all but that doesn't exclude wheelchair users from getting a great deal of enjoyment from them! So in this article, I wanted to take a look at what these specially customized RVs that are suitable for wheelchair users are all about.

On the Road

You have to remember that just because a person has to use a wheelchair to get around, it doesn't exclude them from driving an auto on the public roads. There are plenty of adapted cars and vans that enable a person who has limited or no use of their legs to drive normally by using additional steering wheel (or motorbike style handlebar) mounted accelerator and braking controls to drive the vehicle.

This technology is simply transferred to the larger but equally manageable RV. That means simply that there are available, RVs for people with physical disabilities so they can enjoy great vacations along the open road and take in the great American outdoors just like anyone else.

They are fully equipped with all the comforts of home including special handicap bathroom and kitchen features for ease of accessibility.

Custom Wheels

The other customizations include the addition of a motorized ramp for lifting the wheelchair and its user into the RV, which is an essential aspect to providing for the self sufficient person to make full use of the vehicle. Inside, there is a wider aisle and doorways and the bathroom will be adapted for handicapped use.

This all makes for a completely user enabled RV that a wheelchair user can not only enjoy an open road kind of vacation in, but also drive themselves to wherever they want to go as well! Who said you had to be restricted to visiting specially tailored handicap resorts to enjoy a vacation?

These special RVs make it possible to go anywhere and see anything you want under your own steam and without any limitations. How cool is that!