Breaking Free

What is meant by "breaking free?" It can mean several things to different people but in this sense, we are talking about breaking free from the mental bonds that bind you to a situation or a circumstance that you don't feel able to get away from.

It is possible to change your life by using personal development skills and taking firm action to set yourself free of the life you're feeling trapped in right now. But before you can break free of anything, you must first identify that from which you wish to free yourself!

When you ask someone if they are satisfied with their lot in life and they say that they wished things could be better, there is a good chance they feel there is something more they could be doing but something outside their control is stopping them from doing it. It could be that they feel trapped in their job because it pays well enough to allow them to afford the roof over their head and the food on their table along with the other necessities of life, but not much more than that.

They don't want to rock the boat by asking for a raise in case the boss turns them down or worse, finds a reason to fire them. They don't want to quit and look for a better job because they don't think they are good enough to get a better job.

It could be that they feel trapped in their family life and for some reason they are unhappy but unwilling to either work it out for fear of making it worse. Or they fear leaving because of the consequences of losing their kids or the equilibrium of a life that might be better but could also be a whole load worse.

What Traps You?

Once you can honestly identify what it is that you feel is trapping you in a situation you want to break free of but can't see how to, you can take steps to rectify the situation. Simply by naming your fear is the first step to overcoming it. Because fear is the only thing that is keeping you trapped. Fear of upsetting the equilibrium, fear of losing love or respect, fear of losing friends or loved ones, fear of losing money or status, fear of losing your business or your job.

To overcome any fear, you have to meet it head on.

But in order to meet anything head on, you have to know what it is that you are going to have to meet! So start by naming your fear.

Name Your Fear

If its money, status, respect, love or whatever it may be, once you can identify it and look it in the face, then you can defeat it. All fear stems from ignorance and from a lack of belief in your own abilities. You defeat fear by gaining understanding and by acquiring faith in yourself.

It all begins in your mind, because you mind is what controls your body and it's what controls what you do in life. Your mind is controlled by your thoughts. Did you know that the ONLY place in the universe that you have total control over is your thoughts? No one else can tell you what to think or make you think something you don't want to think. There is no other aspect to life that you have such total control over.

Thinking Thoughts

To take control of your mind and therefore your circumstances in life, you first have to take control of tour thoughts. Now you may be thinking that of course, you are controlling your thoughts, but in actual fact most people don't exercise that control. They think they do, but they don't.

Most of the time, what you think of as "thinking" is merely your mind being kept busy by everything that's going on around it. These outside influences can include conversations with other people, what you're listening to on the radio, reading in a newspaper, book or magazine or watching on TV. In other words, outside stimuli is what is running your thoughts and you are not giving over any time to take control of your greatest asset and use it constructively.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

The only way to truly take control of your thoughts is to get yourself into a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and to silence your racing thought processes until they quieten enough for you to be able to hear what you're thinking about and take those thoughts to where you want them to go and no longer where the rest of the world is leading them.

Because if you never take control of your thoughts, they are always going to be led wherever the world decides to lead them and that is invariably where you don't want them to go. That's because up until now, they haven't been working for you. If they had, you'd be in a better place. Maybe not in another place physically, but in a better place both spiritually and in your overall quality of life.


Many people, on hearing or reading the word "meditation" immediately shy away because they think it means getting involved in some strange world of nut cases running around in long gowns and humming nonsense to themselves. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Anyone can make use of the technique of meditation to quieten their minds to the point where they can then tale full control of what they are thinking about and start, sometimes for the first time in their lives, to think about the things the really want to think about. Starting with what do they really want! What do you really want in life?

Not what do you think you can get... what do you really want?

That's where you have to start and once you know exactly what you want, then you can start to use your imagination and your creative mental skills to generate ideas and plans that will set you on the road to attaining what you really want.

Try It

Once you can do that, you will break free of the bonds that have held you back for so long. Because you are taking action in a way that is in perfect harmony with your desires and needs. Once you break those bonds, you will find that your life takes an upward direction and the things that uyou truly want will start to come into your life.

If you don't think that any of this is real, or that it can't possibly work, don't just dismiss it out of hand. Try it! How will you know if anything is possible unless you try it?