Personal Growth

A big part of being able to enjoy the life you want to lead is in the development of the self, or growing as a person into what you truly can become. All it takes is some self discipline to take on your own education in that area and of course in making the initial decision that's what you want to do.

The beauty of developing yourself through a program of self improvement techniques is that you literally grow in ability and also in the way you set goals for yourself. And the best part is that this is something anyone can do if the will to do it is there.

What Grows in a Person?

personal developmentEssentially, the thing that does the growing is your mind, or mental state. You learn how to take yourself out of the place you currently occupy in the grand scheme of things and mature into a better place where you can enjoy greater benefits that are offered by life.

This may seem like a lot of fanciful or wishful thinking, but the truth is that you really can develop your mind in all areas. As it is your mind that controls everything that you do, it naturally follows that a better developed mind will be capable of providing you with better opportunities to flourish.

It has been popularised recently by the movie and book, "The Secret" where the law of attraction is explained as a powerful and very real force that you can harness with your mental faculties when you know how to do it. Many have learned to become a law of attraction practitioner so they can teach others how it works.

How is the Mind Developed?

The "how" part is often what stops most people from doing anything to better themselves in the mental arena. It takes some measure of mental discipline to train the mind to start thinking for itself and to stop being guided by external circumstances.

It has been observed that only two percent of the population actually thinks, while three percent think they think and the other ninety five percent would rather die than think!

You might look at that statement and discount it, because you believe that everybody thinks, don't they? The truth is most people really don't.

What's Going On In There?

Sure, their minds may be actively processing thoughts but those thoughts are not the product of a creative, fertile mind. They are mostly the result of external stimuli that have triggered a mental response that keeps the mind busy.

But a mind that is busy processing whatever is being fed into it from outside is not thinking. It's just busy!

True, creative and productive thought comes from within and that can only happen when the person learns to still their mind and shut out everything that comes in from outside it. That way the only activity that is going on in the mind is thought that has to be created from within because it can't come from anywhere else.

Reprogramming the Mind

By spending some time each day in quiet, deep and meaningful thought, the person learns to use their mental capabilities to develop a creative and productive line of thinking that can bring with it ideas. It is ideas that are generated from within that have transformed many successful and prosperous people from what was once a mediocre and mundane life.

If you can generate ideas, you can create your own life to order. There is a good idea back of every success and every step forward in the development of the human race and each idea came from an ordinary person, no different from you or I.

The Creation of Ideas

To get ideas, you simply need to reprogram your mind to make it creative. You do that by banishing all negative and destructive modes of thinking by introducing and maintaining only positive and productive modes of thinking.

That's how it's done! It takes work to make it happen because you can't simply flick a switch and have your mind do that overnight when it has likely been busy working the wrong way for many years.

And when you think on it, it's been doing it the wrong way for the whole of your life up until this juncture. So naturally it will take some effort on your part to re-train it to think in the right way.

You do it by practice. Just like every great musician, actor, craftsman, orator etc became great at what they did. They did it by learning how to do it then practising every day until they mastered their art or ability to break free of their restraints on life.

That's how you master your mind's capabilities. It's done in exactly the same way; by practise.

And when you have mastered your mind, you have mastered your life!

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