How to Manifest Money: Law of Attraction Success Story

If you want to know how to manifest money fast and using the Law of Attraction, here is an effective formula I use in step by step fashion to bring it on now.

Since this formula is working for me, I think it's going to work for everybody, so keep reading and see how it's done!

manifest moneyIt's kind of a miracle so I want to go into some detail in terms of the exact step-by-step that you'll need to do to manifest money like this instantly.

It can happen right away, overnight, in 24 hours, in a week or whatever you want.

Four Steps to Manifestation

I'm really honing the system, the exact formula in terms of manifestation, not just money but anything you want in life.

However, this article is focused on getting the cash, so I'll show you how to manifest money the way I did it.

Step 1: Ask for what you want.

I want you right now to do this exercise with me because this will help you clarify and this will help you manifest. First, what I want you to write down on paper is how much money you want.

Is it $5, just a $1 or something more?

When dealing with the power of attraction, it can help to start small. Start with just even $5 and test it out to see if this works for you. So first thing put down the amount.

Step 2: Ask yourself why you want this amount of dollars.

For me for example I wanted to manifest ten thousand dollars and then not an additional five and then cakes and all that stuff.

That's because I am in the process of moving and it's a huge deal for me. Moving is expensive obviously I don't have any jobs lined up where I'm going yet and I don't have any gigs coming up.

Honestly, it's kind of a scary thing that I'm trying to do, but I'm very clear on why moving right away. I want you to write down why you want this exact amount of money on paper.

Why you want that amount and just go into details as much as you can. Why you want that money, what you could use it for etc.

For me I would write something like I need the money to help with moving costs and also being financially feeling good once I get to where I'm going so that I don't have to worry about getting immediate work so I can enjoy the place and get to know it.

So write down what your why is.

Step 3: Now imagine what you would do with this money.

Of course for me, I started imagining what it's like to live in the place of my desire. What it's like to be next to the ocean and my desire is to be making more money and living the digital nomad life as part of my personal growth journey.

My aim is to really enjoy this free schedule of making money, makingvideos whenever I like uploading even when I'm traveling to other places or if I'm performing anywhere.

I would still be making money doing what I like to do working for myself from home with my base of operation to be close to the ocean. My office will be amazing because this is my life so number three I want you to put down on paper what your way of wanting this amount of money is.

It's to get clarity. The key is when you know what you want and you believe that you can have it .

Step 4: This is a part where you let go and believe.

This is the part that trips people up the most because what happens is people may do all these steps and they can do it easily and effortlessly. However, this letting go part is always hard for people, but I can tell you that it's all in the past.

You can now try right now to just let go of the results. Let go of not trusting it so you have to really really believe that this amount it's possible to come to you tomorrow night or the day after or two days from now or next week or next month.

It will come to you at some point soon now. The more easily you can let go of it the faster it will come.

I Conceive, I Believe

So for me I was like yeah, I can conceive and I believe, since I manifested first.

I was like let's see what I can manifest the next day. I now I have 15 to 16 thousand to work with to move to the destination of my dreams, which is really what I need.

Step four is really to let go and believe that it will happen and not stress about it. As a matter of fact you might even consider completely forgetting about it.

Just consider it done. It will come to you somehow and also to know that if it doesn't come to you at all or if it doesn't come to you immediately there will be other opportunities and other things in place that will help you through whatever situation you're going through for that money.

You have to understand the point is to think it's going to work out somehow. One way or the other I might receive the money or I may receive some help that will help fulfill this desire.

Don't Worry or Fret

Don't be like most people that worry and fret about things, like looking at the mail every five minutes or stressing over when it will come. That is not going to work!

Somebody wrote me about that a while ago. Don't do that, just let go. Know that it's done. Believe that as possible and don't stress if it doesn't happen right away.

By law and has to happen if you believe. You just have to follow these four steps, it's really that simple.

So what I would like you to do is to start small try out and then go a little bit bigger and then when you've done this enough times you can manifest as much as you want or need.

There Are No Limits

My belief system is such that I think it's conceivable to receive a million dollars tomorrow. I probably will, but right now I'm at the ten thousand level, but let's see what else I can do in the future.

The sky is the limit, so happy manifesting. I would love to know about what you're manifesting so do write down the exercises I told you.

That's because the more clarity you have and the more you write it out and everything and imagine it and believe it and let it go, then you're going to manifest!